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Freeway Rick Ross: No Regrets, Only Lessons

While Ricky Donnell known as “Freeway Rick Ross” was serving a life sentence, rapper William Leonard Roberts adopted more than his name for the stage, but he elevated an image based on ... The long stint inside of the prison system empowered his time inside to reflect and learn how to read at 28.

Freeway Rick Ross Airs Out John Singleton Over "Snowfall" Exclusion

With all of that in mind, the #DXLive crew welcomed in Freeway Rick Ross. For better or worse, he was L.A.'s original crack kingpin bringing in six and sometimes even seven figures daily during his heyday. Ross ran the West Coast before he ultimately went to prison for his clandestine activities.

Freeway Rick Ross Esquire Magazine Article

Say Hello to Rick Ross (Esquire Magazine)

The real Rick Ross is not a rapper. That's what it says on his T-shirt, silk-screened attractively in two colors. The bold letters in black ink frame his image — bald, bearded, and somewhat bug-eyed with the fervor of his comeback.

Freeway Rick Ross Says Nancy Reagan Was A Trap Queen

Early this week, Nancy Reagan passed away of congestive heart failure at the age of 94. Having been the First Lady of the United States from 1981-1989 during her husband Ronald Regan's presidency, she is most remembered for her “just say no” campaign, urging Americans to stay away from drugs.

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